10 Question Q&A with Richard Sacks, Founder of the Lost Arts Research Institute

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I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Richard Sacks, founder of the Lost Arts Research Institute.

Richard is a very rare and special individual. ( here’s a link to Richard’s bio)

I came across Richard while doing my research. Richard  is one of the most educated ( when I say ” educated” I mean real knowledge and discernment, not brainwashed with a bunch of useless factoids) and well rounded individuals I have come across. He seems to know most everything with regards health, truth and spirituality.

Additionally, Richard is gracious and humble. Another rate trait among highly educated individuals.

For those that are interested, Richard offers one on one consulting. If you have the means I highly recommend that you capitalize on the opportunity to tap a brilliant mind.

I  extremely honored to have had this opportunity. I hope that interview posted below is helpful and beneficial to all.

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1.) What is your advice to parents with small children on how to effectively avoid the increasing tyranny of forced vaccination?

Richard: I would be unlikely to allow my own small children to attend public or most private schools. Not just because of the vaccines, which I consider to be on the level of attempted murder (even though those administering them generally do not know, and think they are doing a public health service), but also because of the general environment and what is being taught there. It is just too damaging on many levels. I would home school, or if that were not practical, I would get a group of like-minded, trusted friends together and take on the project as a group. Having children is a serious responsibility and you just have to figure out a way to care for them as well as you possibly can. This is just one example of that.

2.) How would you personally deal with the prospect of forced vaccinations?

Richard: I would not take a vaccination for anything, knowing at this point, after decades of research, that they are a complete and malicious fraud. They have no redeeming qualities at all. I know this is hard for most people to imagine, as we are trained from birth to put absolute trust in authority figures and government. But that trust is endangering all life on Earth in many ways, and it is far too late in the game not to tell the truth. How to avoid forced vaccination is a strategic question, depending on one’s own situation. Injecting toxins into one’s own children or one’s own body is not something that a normal, conscious person would ever allow. If you don’t know the truth about vaccines, I suggest you learn. Educational sources with the real information are available. Even the CDC’s own web site confirms that vaccines may kill you or your child. But this is only the tip of the iceberg of harm.

3.)  Are there things that one can do to minimize or mitigate the toxic effects of vaccines?

Richard: The conscious, intelligent life force in the body that keeps us alive is the only thing that can heal any sickness, degeneration or toxic condition, including vaccine poisoning. No doctor can do it. But there are things we can learn to do that will support that natural healing function of the body. Also there are important things to avoid so that we’re not working against our own health. The modern “food” industry is full of poisons and processed mixtures called “food,” which are not safe to consume (all government-approved of course). Any unnecessary exposure to wi-fi, “smart” meters, fluoride, toxic body care products of any kind, these need to be seen for the hazards they really are. Nothing should go on our skin that is not good for us to eat, since it goes through our skin into the blood. We also need to make the best use of sunlight, fresh air, specific types of exercise, adequate good quality sleep, There are also built-in detoxification methods like fasting or juice fasting, etc., that can be used to help the body get rid of the poisons injected when one is unfortunate enough to receive a vaccine.

4.)  What means and methods do you employ to protect yourself against the heavy metal contamination we are being exposed to?

Richard: I avoid unnecessary exposure to wi-fi, the toxins added to public water supplies, household chemicals and body care products, using harmless natural alternatives for those things. I don’t eat anything grown with chemicals, I get a lot of sun exposure, exercise, sleep and keep positive emotional and mental programming. If we give our natural immune systems all possible support by our choices in everyday lifestyle, it gives the body the best chance to resist the unavoidable poisons that our rulers are intentionally exposing us to. This buys us time to hopefully stop these assaults from the power structure that currently controls most countries in the world today.

5.)  What type of diet do you personally follow?

Richard:  After decades of experimentation and study, many years of detox and careful observation, gradually learning to improve what I ate through trial and error, I now eat organic raw fruit, nuts seeds and raw milk. Sometimes I may eat some organic raw herbs or vegetables. I am used to this approach now, and it is effortless for me. I have not eaten cooked food for many years. I drink spring water from glass containers and bathe in water without chlorine or other chemicals.
To improve your daily habits and make it stick, it is necessary to learn how to do it without will power. Otherwise, it’s a constant battle. If your health is OK now, but you want to take care of yourself better, you can gradually improve your daily habits at your own pace. But if you have any serious problems you need to eliminate, if your life is in danger or you are just not willing to go on as usual anymore and want a better quality of existence, then you have to work with someone experienced who can help you make bigger changes. They cannot just be physical changes alone. For it to last, your whole mental/emotional programming has to change as well. If you have a sense of deprivation, it doesn’t work.

6.)  I know that you are a big advocate of fasting. Can you give me a break down as to how often and what your fasting protocol consists of?

Richard: Fasting needs to be tailored to each individual’s situation. It’s good to study the experiences of others like Paul Bragg, Arnold Ehret, Markus Rothkranz and so many other health teachers. But the most important is to learn how the body works and then learn to observe and listen to the body you have, start being aware of how different habits affect it. In the old days, even thousands of years ago, health teachers used long fasting on nothing but water. Nowadays, people are much more toxic, and that can be too severe, because if the toxins come out too fast, it can be damaging. Fasting and then going back to eating the wrong food is not healty, so it’s better in most cases to improve the everyday diet first, unless there is an immediate health crisis. Just improving one’s diet, eating more raw food, getting away from all forms of meat, getting rid of processed food and drinks, that helps a lot. Then as your body gets cleaner, periodic fasting for deeper detoxification gets easier.
I’ve done some long fasting in the past, but I don’t really need that any more, since my body stays very clean now. For many years I have fasted one day a week on water, usually about 40 hours, and that’s all I need for now. When you get your body clean enough and well enough nourished, along with the other things you need like exercise, sun exposure (getting used to it slowly), sleep, etc., you have a much greater natural resistance to EMF fields, chemtrail and nuclear fallout, along with other unavoidable toxins in the environment. It seems like the best we can do until we get those in power positions to stop poisoning us, and it really helps us feel better right away. This also helps your mind and emotions work better too.

7.)  As you obviously know, a large part of health is our mental/ spiritual state. What disciplines or practices do you employ to keep these important, yet to some degree unquantifiable areas in balance?

Richard: I started serious meditation in 1970. I studied with various spiritual masters and teachers in different parts of the world. I did different types of practices, and some of them I still find useful now. But the real focus for me has changed from specific practices (though I still do some of them), to living in conscious connection to some very powerful, conscious forces that are around us and accessible all the time. It’s this exchange of a high level of Love that interests me most at this point. I just want to be as clear as possible to act as an open conduit for that unlimited healing energy that is pouring into us all the time. If we gradually learn how to harmonize our frequency to that, and to stop blocking it, this energy lives through us. It is not an easy thing to put into words as it is so far beyond normal language. But I can say it is light years more exhilarating than any drug imaginable. It can make you happy no matter what is happening around you, and make you more effective in your life at the same time. The idea that we have to feel upset, angry, frustrated, despairing, etc., when bad things are happening around us is not true. The idea that you need anger to change the world or fear for anything at all, is not true either. When you get connected to the conscious life force that flows through you and is keeping you alive all the time, everything changes. Who you are seems to change too, until you realize it’s who you always were, but you were sleeping. The reality is beyond the most magical, amazing thing we could imagine. The dullness we struggle with now can go away.

8.)  EMF/ wireless pollution is a huge, unseen threat. Now with the global deployment of 5G we literally have no where to hide. How do you personally plan on dealing with this issue?

Richard: There is only one source of healing that I know of, and it is all coming from what people call “God” or “Spirit.” I’m not talking about religion, though, or any kind of belief system. I’m talking about a level of reality we have forgotten, substituting memorized beliefs instead, when we lost the real connection. Learning the physical level laws of nature is just a way of starting to harmonize with that life energy, it’s only a first step. I don’t know what the ultimate potential protection we can get against all these assaults on our health may be. There are ways to strengthen our systems greatly by learning and following the ancient laws of nature, and building our everyday lives around them.
We’ll do the best we can. If our rulers make things completely unlivable on this planet, we will “die,” but we cannot really be destroyed, this death concept is misleading. We can change form, and regardless of our beliefs, most of us have been here many times before. We are not supposed to have that awareness, as it might make us less susceptible to fear and harder to control
We are pure consciousness itself, and just took on this body for certain experiences, after which we will leave. We don’t really “die.” I’m sharing this with you from experience, not something I memorized or some belief system I joined. None of those attract me, I want to directly experience whatever is true, and I take the same approach with health.
So in the long run, we will all be fine. But I would prefer to make things better in the short run also. There are children being born, those that will come after, and really people of every age, in all parts of the world, that I think deserve a better environment to live in. For that, I am interested in several projects to help that happen. Either way, though, we will end up OK, and there is no useful purpose for fear in any circumstance, it just gets in the way.

9.) Are there any other tips, resources or recommendations for people that want to know the truth or find balance and harmony between the spirit, physical body and our planet at this time?

Richard: I would say one of the most useful things I have ever encountered is the idea of relaxing at the deepest level possible. If you really do it, fear, anger, depression, frustration, and other self-damaging emotional states become impossible, and your real, natural state can come through. I am not talking about the kind of relaxation that lets you fall asleep at night. I mean an internal relaxation you maintain all during the day, no matter what you may have to be doing. It requires becoming aware of tension in the body and energy fields, learning how to find it, and then using focused attention and intent to let it go. The more these blocks are located and released, the more life energy, healing energy, can flow through us. It is not some quick trick I am suggesting, it is a life-long change of focus that has unlimited positive effects.

10.) Is there any other advice or things that you would like to share?

Richard: The idea to be “selfless” and help others before yourself was started by the religious authorities along with the idea that you yourself are worthless. The opposite is true. If you want to help others, it is mandatory to make the main priority helping yourself, re-awakening your forgotten potential. If you learn to do this, it will automatically help all those around you, including those who don’t even realize it. Without the work on yourself, even fighting for the best cause has limited benefit. You are an incredible, unlimited being, permanent, from a Source that is not subject to time or physical levels of existence. Reconnecting to that is very helpful, no matter what else you are wanting to do.

Richard can be reached directly at richard@globalleadersconsulting.com

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