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I’ve been mulling over many different topics lately as it pertains to this blog.

There are so many things going on in our world that it can make one’s head spin.  I spend my days researching everything and anything as it pertains to health, freedom and the general state of our world.

I just finished listening to a podcast with Del Bigtree. He’s the producer of the movie Vaxxed.

If you haven’t listened to what he has to say or viewed his work I recommend that you do so.

In his closing comments he made mention of, and then delved into, the details of the new proposed Senate bill SB 18 here in California. This bill is being authored by the criminal Senator Richard Pan.

Senator Pan is the man who created and authored the mandatory vaccine bill SB 277. SB 277 is the bill which has removed the vaccine exception for school children for personal or religious reasons.

You’d think after doing something so horrible this demon would retreat to his lair cackling and counting his money wouldn’t you? Or maybe fuck off and go sky diving?

Unfortunately no. He’s back, and his new bill makes SB 277 look like child’s play.

In a nutshell this bill will give the state the power and authority over all children. No longer will parents have any say in their children’s lives.

If your child is acting out in class they can, and will, put your child on say Ritalin and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There’s a part about home searches and other completely insane draconian measures.

I’m sure that you’re thinking “oh this will never pass”. Or “they won’t enforce it”.

Nonsense. It’s moving right along as usual. Passing all of the bureaucratic road blocks and hurdles that should stop it dead in it’s tracks. These people are bound and determined to strip away your freedoms one at a time. They also intend to make money off of you and your families backs while doing so.

We’re all frogs in the pot of slowly boiling water.

Don’t believe? That’s fine. Sit back, wait and see.

Although by then it will be too late.

Instead I’m hoping that perhaps we could learn from history so as to not repeat the same mistakes others have made.

Maybe we could look at the rise of Adolph Hitler and how we was able to convince a whole nation to go along with, and even participate in genocide.

Or Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and on and on it goes.

This stuff is serious and we need to start treating it as such. If you’re one of those people who thinks that someone, somewhere is looking out for your best interest I’m here to tell you that you’re off base. Way off base.

So wake up. Get involved and let’s change this crap before it’s to late.

If you believe that there’s nothing you can do about it to you I say this. “Shame on you”. If that were the case we would still be pushing around square rocks and living in caves. If you have children double shame on you.

I’m serious. Get involved or get off this rock before we destroy ourselves.

I’m not going to tolerate people who sit around wringing their hands and acting like everything is ok. It’s not.

So while it’s been said before, maybe if you hear it one more time it will sink in…..wake the fuck up!!!!!!

Here is a link to SB 18 so you can read it for yourselves. Be sure to read the amendments under the amendment tab.

And maybe you want to send Senator Pan an email letting him what you think of his criminal activities. Here’s his contact page.

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-Artwork by Alex Grey-