Keeping the Ego in Check

Ah life…It just won’t quit. I apologize again for the delay in posting. I was laid off from my job on 4/20 so I have been trying to get my unemployment, insurance and future set up. This has obviously prevented me from posting a new blog.

I must be honest I don’t know how much people value this blog so I’m contemplating slacking off.

If any of you out there want me to continue please let me know otherwise I have no idea if anyone ares.

Email me at if you want me to continue.

So today’s post has to do with the ego.

This blog is about health and any thing that can be tied back to it.

After being laid off I decided that no matter how rough it would be in the short term that I would start making in roads towards working for myself again.

When you work for someone else you are ultimately at their mercy. I have found over and over again that most employers have no qualms about how they mistreat their employees as they simply rationalize any bad behavior as “business”. I suppose that if this mantra helps them sleep at night then they must feel it justifies their actions.

Not trying to sound sour grapes as I’m not. I’m actually quite relieved in many ways. To much unnecessary drama and ego at my last job for the amount of money it paid. It’s kind of a case of you get what you accept.

A lot of my former co-workers would keep their mouth shut about things that were just down right wrong out of fear.

I am not that guy. I speak up and speak the truth no matter the consequences. Did this cost me my job? It’s hard to say but I’m certain that it made their decision to lay me off easier.

Anyway my job, or loss there of, was not the purpose of this post.

The purpose was to highlight how many people, including myself at times, is stuck in the “ego”.

Now I try real hard to not let my ego effect me. I am conscious of it and the damage it causes. That said, I am not immune to slipping form time to time.

What I’m referring to is this.

I launched two websites for two new businesses that I am starting. One is basically just restarting an old business that I used to run under a new name. (Here are the two businesses in question and

With one of the websites I was creating I tried using the WordPress template approach. I had created the pages and was having trouble getting the pages to appear as I wanted. I need some help so I made a post on Craigslist. Here is my post:

WordPress Help

compensation: $20.00

I need someone to cojoin the 4 pages I have created on wordpress together so that all can be accessed on my site. This should be easy for those who have wordpress experience and should only take 10-15 minutes.

As I expected I received close to 100 responses. Most of them from very professional and courteous people. I responded to every single one of them as that’s just how I am. They took the time to reply and so I should do the same.

Anyway there were two people who responded to my post in a hateful or vengeful manner.

This surprised me. I don’t know why it did after being on this rock for 43 years, but it did.

In my mind I can’t conceive of taking the time to respond to something in a inflammatory or hurtful way if you have no interest in the offer. Apparently these two souls don’t share that same line of thinking.

Which got me to thinking. What would cause someone to respond in this manner? Ego. That’s what it comes down to ultimately. Yes obviously they’re hurting and miserable so they want to bring everyone down to their level but if we break it down to the core, it’s ego.

Luckily I spend a considerable amount of time not letting other people get to me. My father was a great teacher in this regard. If I can let his crap go I can deal with just about anyone.

So I guess the lesson for today is this: Try and love yourself no matter what. Tell yourself that you are worthy and deserve love. Of course there will be assholes who try and knock you down along the way. Try and not get bogged down in that lower vibration nonsense. If you do, you’ll never rise up and be awesome.

So be awesome.

In closing I’m sure that most of you are wondering what the two negative responses I received were? Well here you go.


Them: That’s absurd

Me: What’s absurd?

Them: it takes more than 15 – 20 minutes. i always pay someone an hour minimum for their time.  but, good luck to you.

Me: Thanks for enlightening me (my ego got the better of me)


Them: I love how people who don’t know how to do something always want to tell you how long something should take.

Me: I did not respond this time. As much as I wanted to (ego) I just laughed and let it go.

So again folks please reach out. You can also call me if you don’t want to email. It’s real important that we support each other always. This is a bit of a rough patch but it’s a great learning opportunity for me.

Also check out my two businesses. If any of you could use my services I’m looking for work.

Wishing you love & happiness,