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In a previous post titled, “The Core of Our Current Health Epidemic” I provided information from the Carnicom Institute regarding health. This work is the culmination of eighteen years of research by Clifford Carnicom.

The Carnicom Institute focuses on the contents and health effects of the aerosol operations we see in our skies on a daily basis. These aerosols are extremely harmful to our health (see previous posts) so protecting ourselves against this planned poisoning is a wise decision.

Clifford Carnicom, lead researcher for the Carnicom Institute, started his work in February of 1999. It was Valentine’s Day and while waiting for his wife Carol to get ready to go camping Clifford stepped outside gazing at the sky. What he saw alarmed him enough to photograph it.

When the agencies responsible for protecting the public and public welfare failed to act, Clifford felt he had no choice but to start his own investigation.

It’s funny how God always seems to pick the perfect people for the most important and difficult jobs. Clifford is a prime example of this divine selection.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it some more. Humanity owes folks like Cliff a great deal. The sad footnote is that many aren’t even aware of whom Cliff is let alone what he has done.

Hats off Cliff. You are a rare breed indeed. I am honored to have had the opportunity to speak with you and study your work.

Back to the task at hand.

Today’s post is an attempt to summarize the information contained in the before mentioned paper.

The two people who read this blog mentioned that they were a bit overwhelmed by all of the information contained in a previous post.

That’s understandable so I am attempting to accommodate their request. That said, I feel that as a society we need to shift away from the paradigm of instant gratification to one of staying the course and doing the work.

If you want to learn about something ultimately there are no short cuts. In this case simply “taken a supplement” or modifying your diet does not give you the other piece of empowerment which is the understanding as to why these things have the effects that they do. If you take this short cut without going back at some point to understand the how and the why, in my opinion you are doing yourself a disservice. However, should you take the short cut approach all one would need to do is purchase the supplements listed below and take as directed.

If multiple supplements are listed for a specific target area perhaps start by trying one of the supplements listed to see if you notice any results. Taking all of them would be an over load.

So without further rambling here goes:

Supplements which improve  bone, joint, and cartilage functions.  This includes supplements such as glucosamine, MSM, hyaluronic acid, collagen, gelatin, and the like.

Supplements which improve skin, nail and hair functions, such as biotin and collagen.

Antioxidants and their precursors (e.g., vitamin C, NAC, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, etc.)

The role and importance of the B vitamins in human health.  There are particular interests in B-2 and B-12 that are at the investigative level.

The role of enzymes with respect to essentially every biochemical reaction that takes place.  The decline in enzyme production as it relates to aging is also a highly worthy topic.  Examples here include betaine hydrochloride, pancreatin, amylase, protease and bromelain.

The importance of probiotics, such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, for gut, immune and intestinal health.

The benefits from the natural Omega-3 fatty acids can include, as a partial listing,  triglyceride fat reduction (e.g., blood, liver), reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, lowering pain from arthritis, and joint pain, brain and cognitive function, and alleviation of some skin conditions

Coenzyme Q-10 and its role with respect to cognitive, neural and brain function.

Calcium D-Glucarate, and the role that it may have with the reduction or removal of polymer and/or plastic toxins within the body.

The role of phosphorus and the effects from its deficiency in the body is an interesting topic of research.  The primary question that arises here is that deficiency is not normally supposed to occur; any normal diet is apparently sufficient to alleviate this concern.  The symptoms of deficiency are, however, of great interest here, especially as they relate to bones, teeth and neural functions.   There are important interactions and relationships between calcium and phosphorus absorption. There is interference to phosphorus absorption in the human body from certain aluminum compounds.  It is also fair to mention here that phosphorus is highly important to bacterial cell membrane structure (phospholipids) as well as DNA production.

The role of the citrate ion is an intriguing and additional topic of research with respect to microbial metabolism.  Citrate ion complexes are commonly available in various forms, such as those joined with either sodium, potassium and magnesium, for example.   The solubility of various citrate complexes, in both water and with pH variability, is to be considered.   The balances and risks of both excess and deficiencies of these various electrolytes and ions in the body is a serious topic of medical and health science, and they are not to be ignored within this research.

Aromatic therapies may also play an important role in our study of this condition.  There are certainly a host of respiratory symptoms that have made themselves known in association with Morgellons.  This is a broad field of study to pursue, along with all the potential health benefits from the essential oils (and the 6000 year history, chemistry and science that accompanies it).  A simple and immediate interest exists with the use of tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) for potential therapeutic purposes.  All essential oils have potential relevance to this topic of health research.

Valerian root is well known to have potential benefits with respect to anxiety, blood pressure, sleep issues, and stress management.  This natural sedative may be of additional benefit in the research that lies before us.

The role of vitamins in general, and their known role as antioxidants.

The existence of nitrites in urine samples represents another potential topic of investigation and research; only preliminary indications of interest exist here.  Should this topic develop further, the role of cranberries and cranberry supplements with respect to urinary tract investigations (UTI) will be examined.  Various potential urinary markers are a current topic of interest.   The relationships between nitrite existence, the oxidation of iron from the ferrous to the ferric state, methemoglobin and carbon monoxide toxicity are to explored further (via Harrison’s Internal Medicine, 16th edition, pp. 598-600).  The studies on the alteration of iron states in connection with the Morgellons condition have been extensively discussed on this site, and the connections mentioned above are deserving of special attention in the research.

Electrolyte balances are to be maintained.  Electrolytes are at the core of current flow within the human body and they are required in balance for proper cell functioning.

There is interest as to whether the lymphatic system will serve as an additional symptom marker for the detection of inflammation caused by the microbial source of Morgellons.  The lymphatic system serves three primary roles: a) the filtration of harmful microorganisms, b) the absorption and transport of fats and lipids and c)the drainage of excess fluids from the body tissues.  Overloading of the lymphatic system is expected to produce observable symptoms that are consistent with microbial infections and lipid excess and imbalance.  The high prevalence of enlarged livers and excess fatty tissue within the liver may well relate here.

It can also be mentioned that the well known reference book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Phyllis Blanch CNC, contains an important section on immune system support.  The list of supplements mentioned therein is undoubtedly of potential benefit as well within this discussion.  The book is deserving of a general recommendation as well, as it represents a wealth of valuable health information.

It is to be understood that toxicity can occur from any supplements or food consumed in inappropriate amounts; each individual is responsible for seeking counsel from the health practitioner of their choice.

I anticipate easily up to a couple of dozen physical symptom, biochemical, and microbial markers of the Morgellons condition to be evident and apparent as the work in place is properly reviewed, evaluated, and utilized.

I would like to add one more piece to this list. The role of chelating agents. Because of the heavy metals we breath in daily it is imperative to try and constantly chelate those out of our system. If we do not do this we will eventually develop alzheimer’s or similar ailments.

I suggest you look into EDTA. This is a strong chelator so perhaps you use it for a few weeks and then take a break for a few weeks.

For a safe, daily chelator organic cilantro is very good. I try and eat as much cilantro as I can. I use it in my salad as you would spinach or lettuce. If the taste is to strong for you perhaps try squeezing some fresh lemon juice on it.

So that’s it. Again I want to be clear and give credit to the Carnicom Institute for the information that I have shared above.

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To Health,


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