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You should always consult with your physician or healthcare professional before acting on any information you read on this blog/ site. Or before breathing, riding a bike or heck maybe even combing your hair.

I apologize for the lag between posts. Believe it or not I too have things I am dealing and struggling with.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for my family and I. I won’t elaborate as it’s ultimately immaterial. All that matters is that those reading this realize that while I may have some valuable information to share, I am in no way immune to the challenges and struggles of the human condition. I have never claimed, and will never claim to be an expert on anything. My only purpose is to share what I have learned so that we can free ourselves from the tyranny we face. We can do this by being informed and working together to resist those who wish to do us harm.

Today’s post deals with consciousness and our state of mind. Someone once told me that if we are living in the past we are depressed and if we are living in the future we are anxious. It’s living in the NOW or the moment that will allow us to truly experience life.

As I’m sure you have all realized, this is much more difficult than one would imagine. This post is as much a reminder to myself to practice what I preach as it is to remind others what we should all strive to achieve.

So if at all possible take today to try and find five minutes to be present and aware of your surroundings. Put down your cell phone. Look around. Focus on your breath and be in the moment.

Be here now.


-Artwork by Alex Grey