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I wanted to share something that I learned from my friend Dane Wigington with regards to health.

I had mentioned to Dane that I was struggling with sinus respiratory issues and he was kind enough to share the following recipe for a homeopathic sinus rinse. This formula should be mixed in a neti pot or something similar. The idea is to let this solution flow through the sinus cavities and drain into your throat or out your nose. You can spit out the drainage or swallow it. I recommend you spit but whatever, do what thou wilt. I rinse my sinuses with this mixture through out the day.

The reason that this remedy works is that our environment is now over run with molds, bacteria and viruses. This solution helps keep a lot of these pathogens at bay. It’s not a silver bullet, nothing is, but it definitely seems to help.

In a neti pot or similar device combine the following per one ounce of water. I personally use a NeilMed Sinus Rinse device because I like the fact that I can “force” some of the solution way back into my sinus cavities. I also add a pinch of baking soda to my solution. Apply as previously indicated above.

One drop of Tea Tree oil per ounce of water

-One drop of Eucalyptus oil per ounce of water

-One drop of liquid NutraBiotic per ounce of water

So that’s it for today. This is a really simple and effective remedy that you might want to check out.

Be well,


Artwork by Alex Grey