Starting Over

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Sometimes in life we are dealt things that we might not be expecting. I’ve personally had many such experiences.

As a small child, unbeknownst to my Mom at the time, I had a severe milk allergy. After she took me off of breast milk and started giving me cows milk I developed chronic ear infections. I lived on penicillin. I clearly remember opening up the refrigerator and seeing the bottle of sweet pink goo on the top shelf. I also remember I looked forward to receiving my daily dose because I found the flavor pleasing. At the time I had no idea what that stuff was. I only knew that I liked the taste and that it made me feel better. Well temporarily anyway. This went on for many years. Ear infections, penicillin, repeat.

I am very blessed. I have the most intuitive, loving brilliant Mother ever. After years of this she felt that there had to be a better way. I must tell you that I was born in 1974. Long before a wide spread, mainstream understanding of health and food prevailed.

Somehow in her quest for a solution, not just a band aid to my issues, she came across Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn. Dr. Mendelsohn it turns out was way ahead of his time. Dr. Mendelsohn wrote a series of books exposing the profit based model of the Western medical establishment. “Confession of a Medical Heretic” is one such book. Of course this upset quite a few people.  If you do a web search for him you’ll see that he was labeled a “quack” by those who have something to hide. Had I never met or been under his care I would look at that label as a glowing endorsement.

So there I was sitting in his office in Evanston, Illinois with my Mom one day. For some reason the newspaper, I believe the Chicago Tribune, was there to write a story on him. Fate or whatever you wish to call put us there on that day and my Mom and I ended up in the photo that ran with the article. My Mom kept that article all of these years and recently gave it to me on one of my birthdays. Anyway I digress.

I remember Dr. Mendelsohn putting me on is desk, pulling out his stethoscope and looking me over. He asked my Mom a few questions and then turning to her and saying. “Take him off of dairy. Completely remove all dairy from his diet”.

My Mom of course said no problem and that she would immediately do so.

The next thing I remember is that there were no more earaches. No more sweet pink goo. I was too young at the time to realize it but that experience taught both my Mom and I a very powerful lesson. The body is designed to health itself. Just like pain, sickness is an indicator of the body being harmed.

One of the most valuable therapies that exists is fasting. Just stopping everything. If you’ve been chronically ill you can probably relate to that. Sometimes we are so sick that we have no choice but to quit everything that we’ve been doing.

There are some really amazing folks who are a living testament to this simple technique.

Markus Rothkranz and Richard Sacks are my two favorite. I strongly urge you to get familiar with what they suggest. I have included links to their sites for you.

Markus is a proponent of eating things that grow in the wild. He eats weeds like dandelion. Things that most people would think are insane to eat. However if you listen to him explain it, it not only makes perfect sense, but you walk away thinking that you’d be crazy not to try it.

Richard operates the Lost Arts Research Institute and does weekly podcasts and videos that focus on health.

I have never conversed with Markus but I have with Richard. He has infinite wisdom, poise and class. You can probably email either of them through their sites.

Well that’s it for today. I’ve got to run. I hope that you have enjoyed this post. I look forward to the future.

To Health,