Daily Health Regimen

The information on this blog/ site is for information purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. This advice is not meant to diagnosis, treat or cure any disease. Watcher is not a medical doctor, just a health-nut who is passionate about helping fellow humans improve their health.

You should always consult with your physician or healthcare professional before acting on any information you read on this blog/ site. Or before breathing, riding a bike or heck maybe even combing your hair.

Taking Your Health Back

What follows is a suggested health regimen which I myself, through extensive research and trial and error, have found to be the most effective program for boosting one’s immune system and improving overall health. This is basic health protocol and is in place of either a macrobiotic or raw food diet (more on that to follow at a later date). Please note that this protocol does not address specific health issues but is simply a starting point for those who wish to improve their health.

The underlying fundamental principal of optimal health is one of cellular PH. If your blood and cells are too acidic at the very least your health will suffer via a suppressed immune system. The absolute extreme example of this is acidosis which occurs upon death. Rigor mortis is the manifestation of an extremely acidic system and cellular saturation of lactic acid.

For optimal health you want to maintain a cellular PH of at least 7 to ideally 8. Testing this is a little difficult but if you follow this regime you won’t necessarily need to test your PH because you will see and feel the results.

The imminent health epidemic that we all face is a result of being assaulted on all levels. At the very least, our air, water and food have been poisoned. The Morgellons pathogen which has been found in every single living thing that the brilliant independent research scientist Clifford Carnicom (www.carnicominstitute.org) has examined is at the core of our decline in overall health.

For me to explain how this affects us would be a topic unto itself. Instead I recommend spending considerable time on the website listed above. There are hundreds of very detailed research papers which get to the core of the matter.

Growing up I’m sure that you learned what the basal body temperature of a healthy individual should be right? 98.6. Take your temperature. Take your girlfriends temperature. Heck, take everyone’s temperature. You will find that every single person is at least a degree or two below 98.6. This is a HUGE indicator of a very serious issue. If you aren’t operating at 98.6 then you aren’t firing on all cylinders. Again, I could go into great depth on just this issue alone but you can find this information on your own at the website above.

So now onto solutions:

I am going to lay out in the simplest way possible what I recommend and what part of our system it affects.

First I recommend a heavy metals detox. Every single one of us has off the charts levels of heavy metals. Many of these metals because of their molecular structure and size pass through our blood brain barrier, enter directly into our blood stream and become systemic. Some of these metals even replace the calcium in our bones. These metals cannot be chelated out of our body without a chelating agent.


Do it yourself

EDTA and DMSA are two amazing chelators. You can purchase these supplements online. I recommend taking these as directed by the instructions on the bottle. Personally I take these in the middle of the night as you need to take them on an empty stomach away from food and supplementation. I alternate between the two. So one night I take EDTA and the next I take DMSA. I suggest doing this for 8 weeks. After that switch to a lighter chelator such as Zeolite for 8 weeks and then go back to the EDTA and DMSA. Continue this indefinitely. You will be amazed at how alert and sharp you become after taking these for a month or two.

I also eat a ton of organic cilantro and chlorella. These are chelating food sources.

Finding a Health Practioner to Chelate you

If you go this route it is imperative that you find a practitioner who will do a base line metals test and then administer a chelating agent.

Radiation Protection and Thyroid support

Iodine is an absolutely essential nutrient. Our thyroid needs iodine. Our thyroid regulates our body temperature. We used to get enough of this via table salt until they started removing it and replacing it with crap that isn’t good for us. There are sources of iodine via supplementation (Lugol’s iodine or X2 nascent iodine available at infowarsstore.com) as well as certain foods such as sea kelp and miso soup. Try and steer away from sea veggies that come from the Pacific for obvious reasons (Fukishima).

Joint Support

L-Proline. I take this first thing in the a.m. on an empty stomach. Follow the instructions on the bottle and you’re set.

Immune Support

This is a biggie. I take at least 3 grams of Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) per day along with NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) and Redisorp liquid Glutithione. These three things work synergistically to reduce cellular oxidation and boost the immune system. I also recommend Co Q10, Calcium/ Magnesium, Monolaurin, Tumeric capsules, Selenium, Olive Leaf Extract, Oil of Oregano and Zinc. Take those as directed. Drink as much organic coconut water as you can afford as it the highest source of potassium available.

Liver support

Milk Thistle and the abstinence of alcohol.

Intestinal/ Gut Support

Believe it or not our gut is known as our second brain as it produces the majority of our serotonin. It is also a huge part of our immune system. I recommend a high quality, liquid form of probiotic as well as whey protein. Whey protein is the only other source of lactoferrin other than breast milk. Read up on lactoferrin and its’ amazing properties and benefits. Also raw milk if you can get it.

Essential Amino Acids

Amino Acids are the building block of protein. NAC is one of these essential Amino Acids (see above). The others are Histidine and Tryrosine.

Fungal and Bacterial Support

If you look around you will notice that everything has mold and fungus on it. The trees, the planets, leaves, the ground, everything. We are being inundated with a proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Much of the so called “allergies and respiratory ailments” are because of this. I use a home made nasal solution via a neti pot that uses 1 drop of the following per ounce of distilled water : tea tree oil, eculyptus oil, nutri-biotic  and a pinch of salt with iodine. Administer a few times daily. This will help keep you from getting sick.


I recommend a diet that consists primarily of raw organic foods. Again alkalinity and alkalizing foods are what you’re shooting for. Stay away from gluten, dairy and soy. If you need or crave animal protein shoot for organic, free range, hormone and antibiotic free chicken or free range grass fed beef. If you want to eat fish as a protein shoot for wild river fish not pond raised or fish from the Pacific ocean. If you want a veggie protein beans and rice are a perfect protein. Also raw nuts are excellent as well. I do some of all of these. You might also want to look into a Macro Biotic diet. I did this once and I had so much energy I didn’t know what to do with myself. If you try this diet for a few weeks it will energize you beyond belief. Ironically enough this is the diet that John Lennon went on after Yoko had numerous miscarriages. The result of this was Sean Lennon.

I also eat a ton of raw garlic and onions. These have wonderful anti-fungal properties.


The essence of life. I recommend distilled water with a pinch of Himalayan salt.


What’s life without coffee? I love my café but it’s extremely acidic and extremely hard on the stomach and adrenal glands. Limit it to one cup a day if you must. Use raw honey or coconut sugar and coconut milk as a substitute for milk and sugar. I will taste like shite in the beginning but once you get used to it you will find it delightful.

Refined or Fermented Sugar

Avoid it like the plague. It feeds bacteria, fungi and viruses and suppresses our immune system. Fruit or natural sugar like honey is ok in moderation. Try and stay away from alcohol until you start feeling better. If you do drink skip a few days of the EDTA and DMSA and increase your intake of Milk Thistle as otherwise it will over tax your liver.

Brain Support

Flax seed oil, hemp seed oil and/ or oily fish like wild salmon as well as Ginko Biloba.

So that’s about it for now. Please stay tuned for updates and posts.

To health,




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